La Criminalité

A deep dive into the world of true crime.
Cal Poly’s Safety Way intersects North Perimeter Road.

Cal Poly has several safety measures in place to help prevent crime on campus and keep students safe.

Emergency blue light phones, like this one, are positioned at various locations around campus. Pictured is the emergency blue light phone located between the Baker Science building and the East Faculty Offices building along North Polyview Drive.

Among these safety measures, are the emergency blue light phones across campus, located in high traffic areas. The locations of the emergency blue light phones can be seen on this map.


By pressing the red button on the blue light phone, students will automatically be connected to a University Police Dispatcher and help will be sent to the student’s location.

Mustang Shuttle Stop Seven is located in front of the Performing Arts Center. Shuttles arrive every 10 minutes.

Another safety measure in place on campus is the Mustang Shuttle which offers rides across campus to students everyday between 5:30 p.m. and 12:10 a.m. during the winter quarter.


Shuttles arrive every 10 minutes and make seven stops throughout campus. Mustang Shuttle stops are listed here.

On Safety Way students can find this sign directing them to the University Police Station.

One of the main aspects of campus security is the Cal Poly Police Department. The Cal Poly Police Department is available 24/7 to serve the Cal Poly community.


Along with the safety measures established on campus, the Cal Poly Police Department has compiled some tips on crime prevention, regarding topics such as personal safety, theft prevention, and self-defense.


The Cal Poly Police Department can be reached at (805) 756-2281. In case of an emergency, please dial 911.


Despite these efforts to prevent crime, crimes can still occur. According to the crime prevention page linked above, “theft is the most common on-campus crime.”


Felix Tran, a first year computer science major, was the victim of such a crime. On Feb. 14 his bike was stolen from the bike racks behind Santa Lucia Hall.


Tran reported his bike stolen to the Cal Poly Police Department, but feels they responded rather apathetically.


He said he felt like the police just wanted to get the report over with and that he was “going to be forgotten about.”


“They said it’s not likely to be found and they weren’t going to look too much into it,” Tran said.


In the Cal Poly Police Department’s Activity Log, the theft was listed as “Vandalism – less than $400.”


To make campus safer, Tran suggests adding in more lights around campus and installing security cameras.


According to the 2022 Cal Poly Campus Safety Plan, a plan to install security cameras throughout campus is already in the works and should be completed within the next two years.